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Spacemaster is an indie game where the objective is to successfully run and expand a space station. You can choose the amount of money, oxygen, and air you produce. You can gain research if there are enough people on board. Each person breathes one oxygen per second, and each research pad needs a person to man it. Gain enough research to win. If you run out of oxygen it's game over.


Any bug reports, feature suggestions, or feedback in general is very much appreciated.


W/Up Arrow: Move screen up

D/Down Arrow: Move screen down

A/Left Arrow: Move screen left

D/Right Arrow: Move screen right

Esc: Pause menu/leave current menu

R: Rotate Research Tile

Left Click: Opens menus/Selects Tiles/Places Tiles

Right Click: Deselect Tile


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Installer-V.0.8.04.jar 278 MB
Installer-V.0.8.03.jar 278 MB
Installer-V.0.8.02.jar 278 MB
Installer-V.0.8.01.jar 278 MB
Installer-V.0.7.01.jar 278 MB
Installer-V.0.6.01.jar 278 MB
Installer-V.0.4.01.jar 1 MB
Installer-V.0.3.01.jar 54 kB
Installer-V.0.2.02.jar 50 kB
Installer-V.0.2.01.jar 49 kB

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